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USK:MTL Portrait Party

Wonderful Idea…love the work

Urban Sketchers Montreal

This month USK:MTL needed a place to sketch indoors. It’s officially too cold to sketch in the streets. It seemed like a great idea to do a Portrait Party.

Even if you’ve never been to one, it’s pretty straightforward hey? Just invite a bunch of artists, sit around a big table and draw whoever is sitting across from you. Nobody is supposed to worry about accurate likenesses or being flattering. Anything goes as far as media or style. You shouldn’t be a perfectionist, approach it with a sense of fun. You are donating your own visage, in return for borrowing another person’s face.

In order to loosen up for the night I sketched a few students in my watercolor classes. (Which still has a few openings next session 🙂 They were working an ‘open’ assignment, doing their own thing, so I stole some high speed impressions in between my walk-and-talk…

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Losing myself…

I have spent much time contemplating the weight I need to lose, and over the years I have lost quite a bit and sadly, like so many people, I have put a fair whack of it back on. I have always been big, I don’t remember a time that I wasn’t. People often say ‘well you ate too much rubbish (like take-aways) when you were younger’ but we didn’t have the rubbish when we were younger…I remember the first time I ate Hungry Jacks for a neighbours birthday party, I think I was about 8 and I hated it. I also remember when I first ate MacDonalds and that was a fairly revolting time too. When I was young the only take-away we ate, and that was readily available, was fish and chips, we had it every second Thursday (Dads payday) and it was a real treat for us. We never had it with extras like dim-sims and we certainly never had a soda style drink with it, the drink of choice would be cordial. Our day to day meals were always cooked by Mum, and were always filled with veges. We had chooks (up until I was 13) and a large vegetable garden filled all year round with seasonal produce. When looking back though I realise that we almost always had a dessert with our meal (very English), and my usual after school snack was a bowl of cereal with milk and a heap of sugar on top (I would have had the same for breakfast). I have come  to understand it was the incredibly large amount of sugars that I was consuming that lead to my weight gain, added to the general lack of interest in sports and a genetic propensity to be large (several people in my family have struggled with weight problems). The chocolate I have eaten, the bags of lollies I have sucked on, the ice-cream, the cereal, the desserts, the vanilla slices, the homemade cakes and biscuits…sugar, sugar and more SUGAR. Was it any wonder that I couldn’t compete? It was a veritable orgy of sweetness but we didn’t know, we didn’t realise that sugar was so dangerous, yummy but dangerous. When I was very young I didn’t like to eat lettuce, it was bitter and generally pretty awful and the infant health nurse suggested to my Mum she should sprinkle sugar on to it so that I would eat it. I finally broke myself of that habit in my 20’s. A life time spent sucking back this toxin and no-one knew, no-one suspected that this delicious ingredient could be causing such misery. Luckily now we do and it is imperative that we take it out of the equation for good, hard as it is it needs to go.


I started this blog some months ago and then promptly stopped posting stuff on it. Sometimes I think there are just too many net based things to do and so, as a way to simplify my life, I am pretty much just sticking to two things…Facebook and WordPress.

A little about where I am at the moment. I work in a retail job in a supermarket (not my dream job) and I am in the process of making changes to this matter, I will document some of this here. At the age of 50 I still struggle with my weight and so will also be talking about my attempts to change my habits with regard to eating a LCHF plan. Hopefully Diabetes and HBP be gone.

Creatively I am building a folio of the artwork and design ideas I have. I am a trained costumer maker and have recently finished my Diploma in 3D Design…great qualifications but I never use them, and frankly I am tired of having a head full of ideas and no time, space, enthusiasm to do them. Currently working on a cross stitch pattern as an example..thinking kits etc. so fingers crossed.

Anyway time to cook some dinner and think about where I am heading here…updates soon.Image

The current work…84 x 84 stitches (6 x 6 inches/close to 15 x 15 cm), 25 colours and the image is one that I have manipulated through Photoshop although the original image is not mine.


The Sketchbook


The Holborn

A Well Made Life

Ray Ferrer - Emotion on Canvas

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